Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy 25th Birthday to Mamamamama!

I had a wonderful 25th birthday! I ate lunch at Moes with my Mama, B and Benson, Kelli came and spent the afternoon with me and gave me the sweetest little charm bracelet with a silhouette of a little boy, my mama planted my whole yard full of beautiful flowers, Ash gave me some really cool earrings and Dad and Mrs. J took me out to Outback and gave me some darling clothes! Stephanie even baked me a cake and was all excited about giving it to me until she realized I couldn't eat it! :) Still a really sweet thought! :) I received phone calls and messages on facebook (so neat how it reminds you of people's birthdays!) I felt so blessed all day!!
As an aside... I am so thankful to live in the age of digital photography... I just love taking pictures and it's great that it is free to take them and free to blog them. This makes me happy :)

Since we're on the "dairy free diet" for Benson, a REAL cake was out of the question, so I had some birthday S'mores instead with some dairy free chocolate. They were quite yummy!

My birthday card said, "Mamamamamama" because that is what Benson calls me! So cute!!

Dad and Mrs. J took us to Outback for a birthday dinner. What a TREAT!

Benson was saying "Papapapa" while we were the! So cute!!

Hannah, on the move...

Hey Hannah, I wanna come too!

Bye Bye Benson! I've got some golf balls to get!

What a cutie!

Hannah picking up golf balls and Benson eating grass.

Hannah taught Benson how to pull up. This is a picture of when we walked in from his afternoon nap and he was standing up for the first time. What a big boy!

Working on his golf swing for the first time.

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  1. How cute--I love it! Happy late birthday, what a blessing to share! :)