Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Benson's First Sleepover!

Last night before bedtime

Benson had his first sleepover last night! He was SO excited! Hannah's parents, Thomas and Susie just bought a new house in Spartanburg. They closed on Friday and are trying to get all their things moved from the house they were renting into their new one. Susie (8 months pregnant) is a labor and delivery nurse and was working last night and tonight. (I have no idea how she is doing all of this- she is amazing!) Thomas is on spring break this week, which is great timing for the move. SO with all the busy-ness going on in the upstate, Benson asked Hannah if she could spend the night and her parents said yes! So she stayed last night and is planing on staying tonight. If Benson sleeps the way he did last night after chasing Hannah around all afternoon, we're going to have to do this more often!! Hannah slept from 9:30 to 8:30 and Benson slept from 10-7 woke up for a snack and slept three more hours! THAT was awesome!

Benson has had so much fun watching Hannah walk around and crawl (the normal way instead of Benson's army crawl.) They have played together so sweetly. Hannah would grab one of Benson's toys and run away with it and off he'd go scooting behind her trying to chase her down. He has just smiled and laughed at her constantly. It has been so cute!

This is Hannah, before she woke up this morning. She sleeps sitting Indian style with her body folded over the front of her knees. Now THAT is flexibility!

Hannah's makeshift nursery. We were going to put her in our guest bedroom, but didn't have two monitors to be able to hear her, so we put her in our closet! She loved it!

Hannah helped me wake Benson up this morning. (This look of amazement on his face hasn't left since she got here!)

Good Morning Sunshines!

It's amazing how much better a pacifier looks when it's in someone else's mouth!

Here's a video of the cuties playing this morning:


  1. oh my goodness...I can't get over those two! What a precious time for your family...I love seeing the Ryans with all the grandbabies...doesn't get ANY cuter!

  2. Such cute pics!!!
    Rachel C.