Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowy Day in jan-woo-wary

I've GOT to get a video of Benson saying January to put on here.  He's working on learning the months from December to May.  He doesn't really care about the rest.   He's really excited that it's now Jan-woo-wary and not December anymore because that means we're one month closer to meeting his baby brother, whom he insists on naming George.

He was so excited to wake up to SNOW on Monday morning!  And we were thrilled to have daddy "stuck" at home with us! :)

He had the great idea of wearing his fireman boots in the snow, but of course, what good are fireman boots, without your fireman hat?!

So I guess he's FireSnowMan Benson.


suitin up


palmetto tree

boots with the snow

running in the snow

Benjamin tried to show him how to make snow angels, but he wasn't too thrilled about laying down in the snow.. it was much more fun to watch daddy do it! 

learning how to make snow angels

Peachy girl-  not so much a fan of the snow...

peach snow

snow tongues

hartsville sign


The aftermath... 


YAY for snow!!!


  1. precious pictures! he is one cute little fire-snow-man!

  2. Those are some awesome pictues:) We had a lot of fun here too:) Today however....is another story. Although the kids are still having fun in it. Josiah had a blast!!!

  3. thanks heather and pauline :)
    hope yall had fun in the snow, too!!