Friday, January 7, 2011

Ryan Family Christmas 2010

Our Ryan Family Christmas this year was FULL!!
Full couches, full tummies, full of laughter and full of fun!

lula and tom with the grands

Thomas with his FOUR girls!! 

thomas family

It was Ryan Elizabeth's FIRST Christmas!


Me with my THREE boys!
Things have a funny way of working out, don't they?!

our fam

Brittany won the annual dress-up/unwrap-presents/win-money game...
although J thinks he gets a cut, seeing as how he'll be her husband three months from the day this picture was taken and all...

winner winner

And Thomas drew Jonathan's name in the partner gift exchange.  He gave him a basketball signed by the Dorman Basketball head coach.  A baskeball, signed by his brother...Just what he's always wanted, I'm sure.  :)  Thomas DID have a real gift as well... but we got a kick out of this one... :)

jo with the bball

Five cuties on a couch

five on a couch

Granny get your gun!

granny get your gun

And then we played a new game.  It was one I'd seen at the Windy Gap Women's weekend I went to a few months back...  it originated from the minute to win it show.... and involves pedometers, headbands, convulsions (or whatever it takes to get the highest number) resulting in family wide headaches...

first group

But it was fun! 

second group

And fun-ny!

group three

And even the kids got in on it...

benson with timer and gun

AG with timer

And I won.
Which, of course, the guys said was cheating since I'd come up with the game.
But I did not cheat.
For the record.
I won it fair and square with my awesome head banging skills.
Of which I will not share with you the video.  :)

Can ya tell what's going on in this one?
HAH-ppy Birthday to You....

happy birthday to jesus


kids on the steps

Happy Birthday Dear, Jesus... Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

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  1. love that you played that game. wish i could've seen your head banging and i must say i'm very impressed that your pregnant self can head bang so fast! :)