Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our other Ville

     On our most recent trip to Greenville, we ventured away from our most favorite pastimes with Kell and Lael (bathtime and naps) and out to the Children's Museum of the Upstate.  

     I was impressed with the vastness of the place.  It's three stories of FUN.  And education. But mostly education disguised as fun!  And while it isn't a cheap date (it's $12 for kids AND $12 for grown ups... the fact that each adult has to pay is a little inhibitive for me, but I guess they have to pay for the coolness somehow!)

 Benson and Lael had a grand time.  See?...

benson with the balls


bopper on the horse

Oh yeah.  Us mama's got our $12 worth too!  :)

kell on the horse

farmer benson


playing in the water

This picture makes me laugh:


He was supposed to be tapping the paint brush in order to drip the paint onto this shaving cream that was spread out on a tray, but he isn't exactly light-handed and hit it with such force that it splattered up onto in his face... I'm going to venture to say that art isn't his strong suit.

And here he's flying a space ship.  Or listening to Mister, Mister, I can remember which one...

flying a space ship

Benson loves his KK.
He told me, last week,  that he wanted to marry her.
And work for Farm Bureau.
And go to Vienna with mama and daddy and his wife, KK.
I can't blame him.

kk and benson

More to come from that little photoshoot I told you about last week :)


  1. Took my 3rd graders on a field trip there last week...Amazing! WAY better than Edventure! Glad you had a good time :o)

  2. We loooove the Children's Museum, but like you said, not their prices! I was a little sad when my oldest turned 2 because now our admission has gone up $12.