Monday, November 8, 2010

Helicopter Coolness

On September 22, Benjamin turned 29, Mr. Tom 56 and on the 25th, Uncle Jo turned 18! 

So we had publix cake. 

Have I told you how much I love publix cake?  I think I MIGHT could eat a whole one by myself.  We've had this discussion in the Ryan household and the boys are convinced they could.  I think I could hang with the boys on this one. 
They are so light and fluffy and good. 

We don't have Publix anywhere NEAR us. The closest one's in Columbia. 
That's just some junk.  Probably helps keep some JUNK out of my TRUNK! 

Note:  Benson is not one of the birthday boys.
(in case there was any confusion there)
But he was cool enough to make the shot because he smiles so naturally. 

the boys

For his birthday, Mrs. Lula gave Benjamin a remote controlled helicopter.
Benson considers this the coolest present daddy has ever gotten, ever

hey helicopter


When I was little, I was always so jealous when my boy cousins got cool toys like these.
I mean, what's a doll that just sits there, compared to this thing?
Even now... I'd rather have something techy-cool, than sparkly.
Not that I don't love sparkly.  Don't get me wrong.

But I do feel like my Nikon and Mac are my second and third children.
My love for them is great.
I pack the car and think, "Do I have Benson?  Mac? Nikon? Ok, we're good."
This is not a joke. 

helicopter delight

After a few days of watching daddy fly it, Benson asked if he could fly it. 
Now he asks, "Can I fly my helicopter?"
I think it's changed owners.


I love having a boy.  They are so fun. 
But I'm just going to be honest.  They have cooler toys.  
Girls have cuter clothes and accessories, yada yada....
But toys?  Boys win the toy category.   
This boy wins the cute category in general. 
I can be biased like that,  I birthed him. 

so fun

I love his inquisitiveness.
Except for the 478th time he asks me to explain how a tornado works.
I think this is related to his boyness-  I'm not sure girls ask their mamas
478 times to hear about tornados.  And volcanos.  He wants to know all about volcanos.  All the time.
Next time you see him, he's likely to ask, "Can you tell me a story about a tornado?"
Surprisingly, most people have one.  Get yours ready for the next time we run into you.
He ZONES IN when people start telling their tornado stories.   

touchy touch touch

flyin without power

checkin it out

I love my sweet little pilot! 
And his hunka-hunka-burnin'-love 29 year old daddy!!  


  1. I am with you Jessica,Tthat is one awesome toy:)I never was one to play with barbies and dolls:) You'll have to make one of those tornado soda bottle things. And one of those baking soda volcano's. I bet he would love that:)

  2. LOVE the pic of the clear helicoptor with Benson and Benjamin blurry in the back ground. 1)What settings do you use to do that? 2)what settings do you use to capture the helicopter while the blades are the effect that its actually flying, not just sitting in thin air?
    I love your pictures and I love learning new camera tricks!

  3. it seems like their toys get more and more expensive! Caleb is now in school to be an apache pilot which costs round 9 million dollars! However, when he comes home and tells me about his day at "work" his face looks just like Benson's!

  4. I will say that boys do have better toys! I may have to start buying Alli some. She does. not. like. baby dolls unless she hugs them once and then throws them on the floor! I DO have a tornado story too so I'll be prepared :)