Monday, November 16, 2009

Snip. Snip.

Yes, folks, we did it.
At the age of two and a half, our son has received his first "hairs cut." His hair has finally started to come in, but it is doing so quite unevenly! Apparently he has over-active hair follicles over his ears, because while the rest of his hair is a solid 1.5 cm long all over his head, the hairs over his ears are like THREE INCHES! So we snipped em! Snip. Snip-- And here's the photo documentation- I think I should receive some sort of award for having the ability to turn two snips into an 11 photograph montage. :)

Here's our little client, gettting an explanation of the "procedure"...

Of course we had to wear the cape. Daddy always wear the cape when he gets HIS hair cut!

ooooo-- look how long it is!

Combing out all the hairs for a nice, even snip...

Mr. Tom has suggested that Benson's hair situation bears a striking resemblance to Grandpa Munster.

How did we let it go this far?!!

Gearing up for the first snip...

And... ACTION!

And it's gone!

Other side... steady now...

Upon my request, Grandaddy bunched these hairs into pinch so I could save them for the baby book so we could remember what color his hair was-- My mom did that for me and I think it's so neat to look back on...

Inspection by daddy..

All done! Our big boy hair cut! :)

You'll note that Mr. Tom is the barber of choice for Benson's first hair cut-- that's because he cuts all of the boys hair-- Benjamin has NEVER been to a barber shop. I cut his hair ONE time, under Mr. Tom's watchful eye, but he (Benjamin) hasn't ever let me do it again- it's Dad or nobody :) (Although it did NOT look bad!!!)

And just for fun...
Let's say that over the years, the four Ryan sons have needed a haircut once every month (just for easy calcuations) and we'll start them at one year old--

So the total number of haircuts would be roughly:

Thomas: 372
Benjamin: 312
Jeremy: 264
Jonathan: 192

For a total of: 1,140 haircuts

Now, the cost of a hair cut varies-- but lets just err on the side of EXTREME cheap and say they may have paid $10 at a barber to get a haircut.
For 1,140 hair cuts, they would have paid: $11, 400!

Most likely, a good hair cut PLUS TIP would have been more like $20, which would DOUBLE that to $22,800.

That's almost $23,000 they've saved over the years.
And Mrs. Lula cuts Mr. Toms hair! So add that in there!
But the girls did pay to get theirs done-- i mean, they weren't crazy or anything! :)

And another one has been added to Grandaddy's clientelle! He's got quite a business going!! :)


  1. You don't have an "Orange" cape? Be careful, people might think you are Gamecock fans!!

  2. This is just precious. I love the play by play of his first haircut and how special to have his grandaddy do it. I know it looked crazy long in these pictures, but I hadn't thought it looked bad the past several times we've seen you guys. :)