Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No, She's Not Engaged :)

But I seriously teared up when I saw her in this dress!
Ash (or Lash as Benson refers to her now) was in the Vista Lights fashion show modeling wedding dresses for Bella Vista. She did so great and we had so much fun being downtown on such a beautiful night!

Benson had a great seat...

"Lash" looks like Cinderella in this one...

'Tude on the runway...

Sitting. On a brick. By bricks. Oh the things that entertain...

Chris (Lash's boyfriend) and Benson

This was as close as Benson was interested in getting near Santa--

And here's my pretty sis working her magic on the runway... They told her NOT to smile... which, if you know Lash, is VERY difficult for her (Best Smile Superlative winner and all...) But she did great! :)

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  1. Whoa! Go Ashley. I've seen a new side that is SO sassy! :)