Saturday, August 8, 2009

Five Minutes of Hilariousness....

Our morning...
I went to a baby shower today and Benjamin was working, so we asked Benson if he would like to play at G.G's house for the day...
He was SO EXCITED and immediately started scheduling their day... "Pay toys... Ride Tractor... Playset... Fish..."
As I was packing his bag, he grabbed the miniature fishing pole G.G. gave him for Christmas and said (and I quote)
"Take Fishing Pole G.G's House?"
(then his face lit up and he started shaking his head yes, and then he says)
"Good Idea Benson!!"
So we carry the pole downstairs and he's casting it in the foyer while I'm finishing packing his bag.. and all the sudden the line broke and Benson says, with his sad face and lip poked out..
"Ohhh nooooo. Poooor little cricket. Can't fish. Pooooor little cricket...Dog-gone-it!"
So we decide to let G.G. fix the fishing pole when we get to her house and as we're walking down the stairs in the garage, he somehow hit his eyebrow on the rungs of the staircase and starts bellowing. At first, I couldn't understand him, so I asked him to slow down, dry his tears and tell me again, and he says,...
"Call Amblamps, Mama, Call Amblamps.... Help Benson... Call Amblamps!"

Note the slight redness over the left eye??? Yeah, I can't really see it either... this is what we needed to call the "amblamps" for...

"A happy heart makes the face cheerful..." Proverbs 15:13
Praise the Lord for giving us a child who makes our hearts happy and our faces smile!!


  1. what a crazy kid you have! why wouldn't you think to call the amblamps right away!?? hahaha. so funny!

  2. Very cute piano video; possibly a future American Idol. I especially like the Wal-Mart sticker on Benson's arm. Keep snapping pics!