Monday, August 31, 2009

Carrie and Alli Playdate!

Carrie and Alli came to Lexington for the day and we had a little "playdate" at our house so that Alli could meet all of her mama's Lexington Friends! It was so much fun and Alli did so great! She is SUCH a sweet little punkin'!
I loved getting to hug on this little Allibug :)

Benson talks about "baby Alli" all of the time. Our trip to Texas really had an impact on him and every time we see an airplane fly through the sky, he points and says "baby alli, carrie." I guess he thinks since we rode on a plane to see them, they are on the planes he sees in the sky?

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!!!

I love this one...

Here are some of the girls from Carrie's sunday school class at First baptist.. They've ALL had babies within the past 10 months!! So Carrie and Alli got to meet their little ones too! It was such a neat little time :) (Sadly, Alli had already gone down for a nap when we snapped this pic...maybe i should photoshop her in :) )

There ended up being about 12 babies crawing around... it was a busy time!! And a fun one for sure! Hopefully we'll be able to see Carrie and Alli again before they fly back to Texas!!

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