Thursday, March 20, 2008

We Love the Zoo, Do You?

We went to to the zoo with Kelli and Anna Claire and Edward as well as Mary Catherine and Anna Cate. We had so much fun. The weather was beautiful and it was so nice getting to see Kell and MC. Benson probably enjoyed watching the other babies just as much as he did the animals, but the LOVED watching the fish swim around in the aquarium. A good time was had by all, for sure! It's too bad none of the babies were looking in this picture...

See the elephants?

Here we are decked out in our Clemson attire to cheer on the Tigers in the ACC basketball championship. It was so exciting that we made it to the game. Stinks we lost!

Here's a little clip of Benson driving the "racecar" with his Granddaddy Ryan. (aside: i love the word racecar- I don't like racing as a sport, but the word racecar is a palindrome, i.e. it is spelled the same forwards and backwards, and that is just plain cool. )
He thought it was SO FUN! He was hopping up and down in the seat to say "Do it again!" And even though you can't see it in this video, he is securely buckled in, no worries....


  1. What are you doing up at 4:43 AM!?!

  2. haha... it was set on pacific time... I fixed it now! Thanks for pointing it out... I assure you if
    I am up at 4:43 am, I am groggily taking care of a baby, not blogging :)

  3. Hey Jessica,
    I came by your blog a while ago. It has become a wealth of valuable information for me. We have quite a few mutual friends, but I am not sure if you know me. Your little boy is adoreable. Anyhow, my first child had the milk protein intolerance and was on nutramigen. My 3 month old now shows signs of the intolerance. Fortunately breastfeeding is going well this time around. I cut out dairy. Just curious if you have tried goats milk? I bought it today at Publix, but I have not been brave enough to try it. I bought some soy milk, but have not tried it yet. Just edemame caused extreme discomfort and gas for my little girl, so I am thinking the soy is out now too. By the way thanks for the info on recipes and restaurants here in Lexington. Fireouse subs was a treat for me the other night. I also had no idea the prepackaged deli meats had milk product in them. Your info has been very valuable to me. If you have time, will you let me know about the goats milk?

    Carrie Brown

  4. Reece- Thank you for your comments and encouragement! I am so excited that breastfeeding is working for you guys this time around. It is such a blessing for sure!

    I never tried goats milk. I read somewhere (not sure where?) That the proteins in cows milk and goats milk are virtually identical and would likely cause a similar reaction. Because I was so determined to breastfeed and the doctors basically told me that there was a slim to none chance I would be able to, I was as strict as strict can be and did not want to chance anything! You could definitely try it if you felt comfortable- I'm not sure how it would taste? I have grown to love SILK (soymilk- the off brands are not as good in my opinion) but have been off of soy now for about four months so I can't have that either. (I LOVE a decaf vanilla latte with soy milk from starbucks!! :) and will not use regular milk in that even when I can!! :) )

    I had fully intended to type up my dairy AND soy-free recipes as well but with everything that has been going on, have slacked off on that... You've inspired me to get to work on that, so check back and I'll post what has worked for me on my "what I'm eating these days" site.

    Thanks, again for saying hi!