Friday, March 7, 2008

Benson's last week of Month Eight was Great!

Benson's Eighth month was really great. I would say it was his best one yet! He's had minimal "issues" and since he hasn't been having to deal with health problems... he had plenty of time to figure out things like eating and crawling and he's even started saying MA-MA-MA, which I love! (He started with DA-DA-DA on December 31 when Benjamin had gone to the bowl game.) He's got four teeth and he's finally eating like it! Last night I gave him a jar of green beans. He gobbled them up so I gave him his cupful of oatmeal. He ate that up, so I opened up a jar of bananas, and what do you know... he ate the whole thing! I couldn't believe it. Then he slept from 10:15 to 6:45!!! It was awesome!! Also, we've been working on the sign for "finished." And we say, "all done" when we do it. Last night, Benson started saying Ah Dah. I was so excited. He was shaking his hands, too, but he always shakes his hands, so I'm not claiming that he has learned a sign... maybe he's just going to skip the sign and go straight to the word on this one! We're having so much fun with him!

Bath time is fun, but Benson loves taking a shower with daddy. Since he has learned to sit up, he gets to play with his toys in the "rain." Benjamin and Benson have hollering contests to see who can yell the loudest in the shower. (They shout "I LOVE MAMA!" Well, Benjamin does... Benson just says AAAH WAAAH AAAAH!!) He loves to hear himself echo!

We plopped Benson in his car seat and ran back in the house to grab something and came out to find this...

We went to the park with Kelli and Edward and Anna Claire (The twins Kelli nannies for) We had so much fun! It was a beautiful day!

Like a dummy, I took this video with my camera turned, so you have to turn your head to see it correctly. And it might make you dizzy because he's swinging back and forth... still cute :)


  1. Benson is adorable.Loved the swinging video, except my neck got sore... I loved taking my kids to the park when they were young. Praise God for his eating and great health!

  2. Jessica... I love how you always strategically place a toy or wash cloth to keep the pictures G rated!


  3. Just FYI - I taught Jackson (now 2 yrs) some signs before he could speak too. "All Done" (finished), More, and Please were extremely helpful! And once he really got to talking correctly and clearly (with those words), he dropped the signs. I hope it works well for yall too!

  4. Benson is so cute and you look wonderful. Jared and I would love to see you guys. Miss ya!
    Heather Burton

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