Friday, February 22, 2008

Yay for oatmeal! Yay for Sleep!

We started Benson on Oatmeal two days ago and he has done wonderfully with it. I am so thankful! At first I mixed it with some breastmilk and he didn't care for it too much, but then I tried mixing it with some white grape juice and he seemed to like that better. He slept four and half hours last night after eating some oatmeal, which is a record! He has been waking every two hours in the night since we started solid foods (for most babies it helps them sleep LONGER? yet another Benson oddity!) We're glad that he doesn't seem to have an allergy to the oatmeal- that's a blessing for sure!

In about three weeks, the doctor has recommended me introducing soy back into my diet to see how he tolerates it. It would be great if he has already outgrown his soy allergy because we would then, at one year, be able to transition from breast milk to soy milk. If his allergy to Soy remains, I'm not sure what we'll put him on at a year, so we're really hoping this trial will work.

He's teething like crazy and scooting around to bite on everything... the fireplace hearth, the wooden legs that support the couch and the wooden pieces that are on the floor between the carpet and the tile floor in the kitchen are some of this favorite things to gnaw on. I think he looks so cute with his two little teeth on the top and two little teeth on the bottom. Maybe we'll call him Beaver?

We drove up to Spartanburg last night to look at a new house that Thomas and Susie (Hannah's Parents) are considering buying... it was so pretty! AND we got to see Hannah and Will! Oh What fun! Look how big these babies are getting!!.... (if you click on the picture it will enlarge so you can see their cuteness in better detail :) )

Jason and Leslie Waters brought us a delicious supper... dairy and soy free! AND the most scrumptious peanut butter cookies that were dairy and soy free too! Wow! What a treat!!

Another quick little snippet that shows a little progress in the "learning to crawl" department....


  1. I love Benson's army crawl! What a sweetheart. I forgot to give you the actual recipe for the peanut butter cookies the other night:

    1 Cup Peanut Butter
    1 Cup Sugar (the other night I used brown sugar)
    1 Egg
    1 tsp vanilla extract

    Scoop little spoonfulls onto parchment paper and then squish them down with a fork. Cook for 12-15 minutes at 350 degrees. Ta-da, you're done. :)

  2. How exciting to see Benson crawling and just being healthy. God is good. I love reading your blog!
    Rachel C