Sunday, February 24, 2008

Benson Feeds Himself... AND Daddy!

Benson has never really been a fan of applesauce... I tried giving him baby applesauce and he didn't like it. I tasted it myself and was surprised to find out that it is pretty bland. The other day ago I was eating lunch and had little tub of Mott's Granny Smith- no sugar added applesauce with my meal. Benson was ooo- ooo- ooo- ing that he wanted some so I let him taste it and he LOVED it! So now I've started giving it to him at lunchtime. Today, Benjamin said he wanted to feed him and this is what ensued...

1 comment:

  1. What a cutie!! Don't they grow fast? Seems they are eating everything in sight once they taste their first foods. :o)

    My friend, who dubs herself "very frugal", said there were 2 things she'd never buy for her kids: baby applesauce or bananas. She said they did much better on the real thing (banana) and the plain stuff. I tried this with my daughter and had to agree - so those were 2 things I never had to buy for her either! :) Sometimes, it pays to have a practical friend. ;)