Monday, February 4, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

It has been so great to be home! Benson has done pretty well... as we expected, he's had a little trouble adjusting to the old way of sleeping... i.e. us in our bed, him in his! He goes to sleep pretty good, but he wants to wake up at 3:00am and get a bite to eat and stay in the bed with mama and daddy. When we put him back in his own bed, he proceeds to scream in protest. 45 minutes two nights ago and 30 minutes last night... maybe it will just be 15 tonight? We're hoping!

He's also now petrified of the bathtub. He never took a bath in the hospital, so I don't really know what it is that has caused him to be scared of it... and it makes me sad because the bath has always been the highlight of his day... but apparently it is reminding him of something bad that he experienced in the hospital because as soon as I hold him over the tub, he starts to cry. So sad :( We're working on making it great fun by singing and playing with all of his toys. Hopefully he'll forget whatever it is that has made him scared and start to enjoy it again soon.

We went back to the doctor on Saturday and they said he sounded good in his chest, but that his ears were pink so they started us on some more antibiotics for an ear infection. We'll go Thursday for another check up and another chest x-ray, so please be praying that his lungs will be back to normal by the time the take the picture of them on Thursday.

One aside: Benson was on steroids the whole time he was in the hospital and we have been tapering them off since we've been home... and they have had a little side effect... they are making his hair grow! How funny is that? The poor kid was as bald as the day he was born until he got pumped up on steroids! Today was the last day of them, so I'm interested to see how it effects his new do. His hair was seriously poking out above his ears today. I wouldn't have recognized his head in a blind folded baby head line up!

Everyone has been so generous to us. The Caldwell's even brought us dinner tonight, which is no small feat when you're talking about trying to find something that is completely dairy and soy free that I can eat! Mrs. Caldwell made a special plate just for me, and even though she thought it would be bland since she couldn't put any seasonings on it, it was so nice not to have to cook my OWN bland meal! It made it taste so much better! :) Thanks, Caldwells! Although, it is a shame that Benjamin will be forced to eat ALL of the home made peanut butter cookies HIMSELF! I am a little envious of that!!

This is a picture that I didn't get to add before we left the hospital... Elizabeth Jackson sent us the most adorable flower arrangement ever! It's in a fire truck! Benson wanted to get his hands on it so bad! It brightened up our room so much!

This is one more from the hospital... Benson is taking the verse to heart where Jesus says, "I am the living bread from heaven..." he is eating up that living bread!

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  1. Glad you are home. I feel honored to make it on your blog. We will continue to pray for Benson. I owe you your own cookies someday!!!