Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sick again :(

After we were in the hospital, the doctor told us to wait ten days before giving Benson rice cereal or baby food again. Yesterday was the first day we could feed him food again and we did... and two hours later, he started throwing up bile again. This time, he became very lethargic and floppy, which scared us. We called the doctor and since we saw last time, through the upper GI, that he does not have twisted bowels or an actual obstruction, they told us to give him Pedialyte for a few hours to let his intestines rest and call them if there were any changes. After about 4 hours of throwing up, he was back to his old self again, with the exception of some extremely foul, like nothing you have ever smelled, diarrhea.

The last time this happened, I had given him rice cereal after he had not had it for about a week and a half due to a throw up bug he had the week before. It's just too much of a coincidence that both times he starts throwing up bile is two hours after feeding him rice cereal.

So of course, I got online and looked at the "University of Google" and I think he has an allergy to rice. I think there are some other intestinal issues, but from what I've seen, this is one of the things he has going on...

We have an appointment with a Gastroenternologist this afternoon so hopefully we will get some more answers. Below you can see Benson AFTER he finished throwing up.... and BEFORE we could let him nurse again... he's a hungry boy!!


  1. Sorry Benson is feeling so bad! I was wondering if you were still cloth diapering and if so, how it was going?

  2. That video is priceless! He is just too cute. :)

    If he isn't feeling well enough for the zoo Friday we'll understand...the weather report looks like it might rain anyways. Talk to you soon!

  3. Yes, we are still cloth diapering and we still love it. We have saved so much money and it has continued to be easy. Because of all his issues, he still hasn't started eating solid food on a regular basis, so I am interested to see how that will change how we do things. (I'm thinking we will start using disposables when we are outside of home possibly?) But, as of right now, I am still a huge fan. I think if people knew how easy it was, everyone would do it. Even my husband is a fan! :)