Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day Eight in the Hospital

Benson's cough is much better today. He has hardly coughed at all, really! We tried leaving him off of the oxygen again last night, but had to put him on it again at 3:00am because his levels dipped low again. We took a chest x-ray yesterday that looked basically the same as the day before. The doctor said that he still saw the affected area, but in his opinion, it looked better. We will take another x-ray tomorrow.

They are saying that we are better, but not where they want us to be and where they want us to be depends on Benson's body's ability to break down the mucous in his lungs. After considering the risks, the doctors have decided that we will not do the bronchoscopy (the procedure where they go into his lungs and remove the mucous and re-inflate his lungs.) It may take a while, but we are going to wait on his body to break it down on its own.

We will be able to go home when he can be off of oxygen day and night and not desaturate (have his oxygen levels dip low.)

He is still happy and sweet as can be... His two little teeth are really peeking through now and yesterday he was biting my finger and gave me tooth marks for the first time! Those little boogers are sharp!

Thank you so much for your prayers and your encouragement! It has meant the world to us! Please continue to pray for endurance and strength and patience for us as we wait for healing for his little body.

It's hard to tell this little guy is sick:

Benson is looking more like his daddy every day!

This is how he sleeps now... when we get home, we're going to have a real challenge to break him of this!

This is Benson on his "field trip" to the window with Grandmama. We are stuck in our room since RSV is so contagious, so since they took him off of the oxygen during the day today, Mrs. Lula showed him all the cars and trucks outside his window. He can't see out of his window from his crib, so he was fascinated!

Benson's Great Grannie Hite came to visit him. She's got on a mask to keep his germs from her and hers from him! Good thinking, Grannie!

Here are a few pictures that Aunt Missy sent that she took when she was here:

She wanted to get one that showed that he actually does cry sometimes...



  1. Thanks for the update on Benson. We will continue to pray for all of the family. I know you are anxious to get home and back to a normal routine. We pray this will happen soon.
    Rachel and Paul

  2. Jessica,

    Driving home tonight, I saw Benjamin's car in the driveway. Maybe he's trying to get a good night's sleep. I pray the same for you. We continue to pray that you will be home soon (and then we will start praying that you can break Benson of the habit of sleeping in his mama's arms!)


  3. Jessica,
    This is wonderful news! I'm so glad that he does not have to have the surgery anymore. Last night I dreamed that I was at Miss Lula's house and she told me that he no longer had any mucous in his lungs. I couldn't wait to check your blog this morning to find out if there was an update.
    We will continue to lift you up in prayer and hope that you will be able to come home SOON.
    Mary Catherine

  4. I am so glad to hear that your little man seems to be trending towards better!!! We are continuing to pray hard for Benson and his Mommy and Daddy!!!
    Erika and Jason Yaman

  5. I just got the email update from the church that says you guys got to come home today! We're so happy for you! All of our prayers have been answered!