Friday, January 25, 2008

Day Five in the Hospital and a Prayer Request

We have had some big improvements today for the first time. The doctor is pleased with Benson's progress and we can tell he is feeling much better. We still have no indication of how much longer we will be here- we had a scare in the night that tells us at least a little longer...

After his midnight breathing treatment, his O2 levels were sagging down into the mid to low 80's... 93 is the lowest they are supposed to be... and normally after his breathing treatments he has his highest oxygen levels, so to see them so low concerned us greatly. Finally I asked Benjamin to check the meter to see how much they were giving him and it turns out they had forgotten to turn it back on after they finished his treatment! We were so glad THAT was the cause, but it also lets us know that he still needs the oxygen. They are going to start weening him off of the oxygen tomorrow and see how it goes.

He still has some slight wheezing and a yucky sounding cough, but the doctor says that his lungs sound much clearer than they have up to this point. We are so thankful!!

Prayer Request
I do have a prayer request:
As much as we germ-x-ed and clorox wiped and were so carefull not to let them play with the same toys or have any cross-contamination, Hannah, Benson's cousin, who is four weeks older than he is (she will be nine months on February 9th), who was in the mountains with us this past weekend, has tested positive for RSV and has been admitted to Mary Black Hospital in Spartanburg. They have given her two breathing treatments that have seemed to really help. They have not had to do an IV yet and her oxygen looks good, so they haven't had to attach any wires to her and for that we are so thankful because she is ALL OVER the place. She's crawling and pulling up on everything, so to be tethered to machines would be quite difficult for both her and her parents.

Susie, Hannah's mama is five months pregnant. We found out yesterday that they're having a girl!! Please pray that Susie will be able to get rest and have endurance and strength to get through this time. And that the little one growing in her belly will be safe and sound even though this is a stressful situation for the family. They are giving Hannah treatments every four hours, so rest will be intermittent, but pray that the Lord will multiply the rest she is able to get...

Thomas, Hannah's daddy is the coach for Dorman High School's basketball team. He has a ball game tonight and has to be away from them, which I am sure is tough. Mrs. Lula has gone to stay the night to help out since she has very recently seen how this virus progresses.

We are hoping that Hannah does not have as serious of a case as Benson. Hopefully the breathing treatments will do the trick and they won't have to do all of the other stuff. The doctor did say, like ours did, to expect it to get worse before it gets better. We are hoping it doesn't get too much worse. They said her little throat is so red from coughing so much, they actually tested her for strep, but it was negative. Please pray that her tiny little body will bounce back quickly!

Hannah is teaching Benson how to stand up without holding onto anything

SO adorable!

Notice Will is missing... Christa and Jason had a wedding to go to so they weren't at the Mountains, now they are SO thankful!!

I think this cutie looks like the little boy off of that movie "A Christmas Story" She was so bundled up!! :) What a baby doll!

So Doc, When Can We Go Home?
As far as going home, the doctor said, "I'm not saying that you need to bring your Easter basket, but you're going to be here a while..." We've pretty much set up house here. We've brought his exersaucer and his jumparoo, his play gym and all his toys. I've got all of my "special" foods in the nurses station refrigerator and I'm thankful for the wireless internet (it's been down all day yesterday and today, that's why this post is so late in coming...)

Mrs. Lula, Mrs. J and Aunt Ash have taken turns staying the night so that Benjamin can go home and get some rest. Since I'm nursing Benson, there's no rest for the weary here, but the Lord has certainly sustained me and I am able to rest when he does for the most part.

On Being a Stay at Home Mama
On another note, I would just like to say how glad I am to be a stay-at-home mama. I can't imagine having to leave Benson each day with him here all hooked up to machines and getting these breathing treatments. I really feel like being a mother is the highest calling and I feel so blessed to be investing in my son's life each day. I love teaching, but there are plenty of people who can teach the children, but there is only one person who can be Benson's mama and I am so thankful not to miss a minute of it. I feel like, in this time, the importance of me staying home with Benson has been magnified and that the Lord has blessed us even during this hard time through our being obedient to his calling me home. I am thankful to have a strong husband who made the decision for me, even when I wanted to finagle my way back into teaching. It has been the best decision for us and one that I know I will always look back on and never regret. And, even though we don't always see how, we know that the Lord will work out all the details and supply every need. He is Faithful!

Think about it some more:
Here is a thought-provoking post about being a stay at home mom from, Read it and leave a comment to let me know what you think! :)
There is no greater work

Here's a little video of Benson enjoying his jumperoo that Hannah let him borrow. Thanks, Hannah! :)

Nana and Papa came to see the boy. He was so excited to see them!

This is Benson being weighed this morning. From this angle he looks like a gigantic baby! But he's only 16 lbs 7.1 oz. 25th percentile!

He was so excited to be naked for a minute after his weigh-in! The antibiotics they are giving him have given him the worst diaper rash! Since we mostly use cloth, we haven't had to deal with diaper rash and he is NOT a fan!

Here he is playing so sweetly in his crib.

Standing up like a big boy!

Slobbery kisses for mama... I'm sure if they tested me, I'd be RSV positive! :) It's worth it for kisses like these :)

We have the deluxe suite here at the hospital! It is ginormous! I'm not a light packer, so it's a real blessing!

Nana, also RSV positive and lovin' it!

Noah Wyle from the show ER is our Respiratory therapist! Ok, so not really, but he sure does look like him!! You can see him patting Benson's back here during one of his breathing treatments.

Sweet boy is getting used to his treatments and doesn't really mind them at all.. except for the nose suctioning out part.

Breathing treatment time

Playing in the humongous crib with Nana

This is Benson's nurse, Adrin. They're pals.

Random Adorable Pictures that I didn't get a chance to post before we were in the hospital:

Benson in his Jumper.. one happy boy!

Benson with his girlfriend, Layne... He loves her!

Chillin with Layne

This was Benson's attempt at eating a banana in his little banana eater thingy. Note all the banana that is on him, meaning not a whole lot got in his mouth... still fun, nonetheless!

Benson post-banana eating

Soapy headed boy in the bathtub

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