Monday, September 19, 2011

June 21... A super special day!

Did you know June 21 is the first day of Summer?

It's also the longest day of the year...
which is pretty appropriate, because it's also
my little sister Ashley's birthday!

And now, there's another super special reason to get excited about June 21!

On June 21, 2011, Patrica Ruth Ingram, "Ruthie" was born.

I know I posted an announcement of her birth right after she arrived, but I just came across some sweet pics that I didn't want to forget, so here goes...  

Thomas and I went to Greenville for her arrival! 

Lael practiced her big sister skills on eight week old baby Thomas..

feeding the boy

Aunt Becca went with us to keep the babies while we were at the hospital. 

big sis

Thomas had fun hanging out with the Laelie :)

smiley at laely

It was such a joy to get to see sweet baby Ruthie enter the world! 


Ruthie, just minutes old, and "aunt Jess" :)  I love this little girl!!! :)


And a little later in the day, I brought Thomas back up to the hospital to meet Ruthie!  :)


She was in her mamas tummy earlier on this same day.. That's kinda amazing, really. 
Thomas, with those eyebrows...

in the bin

These sweet little babies are such a gift and we will always remember June 21, 2011 as a VERY special day!  This is the first of MANY pictures of these two, to come over the years :)
Sweet little loves :)

thomas and ruthie

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