Thursday, May 19, 2011

Benson's Pirate Yacht

A few weeks before Thomas was born, Mrs. Lula called me and asked what I thought about her getting Benson a special surcie to play with for those first few days when we were home from the hospital.

{ Being the mother of five, she's pretty smart about things like how to make the addition of another child to the family go smoothly. :) }

She said she'd found this blow up pirate pool that she thought he would have fun in, but wanted to run it by me first. 
I appreciate that last part.  :)

Even though pirate's aren't my favorite, (I never would have thought I'd feed a love for pirates) they really are fun for pretending!  Benson LOVES making a "pirate ship" out of ANYTHING and running from the "bad" pirates and hunting for treasure, etc.

So the first morning Thomas was at home, Daddy and Grandmama spent ALL MORNING blowing up Benson's new pirate pool (I REALLY wish I had some pictures of that- they did have a foot pump, but they got QUITE the workout blowing up this thing!)


To say that it's been a "hit!" is an understatement!!


It spouts water, shoots "cannon's", has a "roll-up jolly roger" (which is , for some reason, a highlight for Benson?)  A treasure chest, blow-up swords and shields to fight the bad pirates.... 

The thing is like a Pirate YACHT!  


Our pirate family with our newest matey...


A BIG THANKS to "Pirate Grandmama" for playing pirates NON STOP for the days she was here. 


Having his own little "special somethin' " was really helpful in those first few transition days :)
He's been excited to teach Thomas all about pirates...



And what happens after pirates find all the gold and escape all the bad guys?

They snuggle up and watch some "Jake and the Neverland Pirates!"
Well, some of them don't make it all the way through the show... 


It's hard work being a pirate! :)


  1. My kiddos would love that pirate pool. Too fun! :) Thomas is absolutely precious. Congrats again!

  2. I cannot believe your mother-in-law and Benjamin blew that pool up themselves! I bet they laughed a lot while inflating it. I think Benjamin should buy his mother a air pump for future uses.
    Very cute pictures!
    Rachel C