Friday, May 6, 2011

April 28, 2011... A Very Special Day!

After 10 weeks of bedrest and two weeks of waddling around in the world,  we finally have our sweet baby here safe and sound :)

I went to the doctor last Wednesday (April 27) for my 38 week appointment and was 3 cm dilated, 80% effaced and the baby was at a -1 station.  We set an appointment for Monday, but the doctor said that he'd be surprised if I made it through the weekend...

38 weeks

Well he must be a pretty smart doctor, because the next morning (April 28) I woke up with increased signs of labor.
I put in a call to him and he said to go on in to labor and delivery!
So we got all packed up and headed to the hospital around 2:00p.m.

Of course we snapped a pic on our way out the door...
This was our last picture as a family of three!


When I got to the hospital, I was 4cm dilated and having contractions every 5 minutes.
So we called in the troops. (Our very eagerly anticipating families :) )

Kelli, aka photographer extraordinaire, who as been on standby for 12 weeks waiting on the call that "it's time!' made it all the way from Greenville while the lil' bun was still in the oven.
But the timer was going off!!
Thank you so much, Kell, for capturing the moments of this precious day!!


They broke my water at around 4:00, which reminds me of a conversation Benjamin and I were having about "water breaking," last week, that Benson overheard, causing him to ponder...
Benson: "Mama, has your water ever broken before?"
Me: "No, my water has never broken on its own".
Benson: "Even when I was a baby in your belly, your water didn't break?"
Me: "Nope, not even then... the doctor had to break it."
Benson: "Sooo... why did the doctor break your pipes?"
After the doctor "broke my pipes" and started pitocin,  I labored for about another hour, which was not fun, before they administered my epidural.  I was not nice for that hour...
Until the very kind anesthesiologist came in and made me happy again.  :)  Wish I could tip him. 
Can I just say, Praise the Lord for modern medicine!  Whew!!
love at first sight

Sweet little 
Thomas Hunter Ryan 
was born on April 28, 2011
at 6:41 p.m.
weighing 7 pounds, 6 ounces 
and measuring 19 and 3/8 inches long. 

Oh- and his head was 14 and 1/4 inches in circumference.  

That's not a stat you normally hear people say when they tell of a new baby's "info," but I thought it worthy.  Especially since the nurse who measured him did a double take at the measuring tape and looked up at Benjamin and said, "Your poor wife."

Yep, the boy's got his mama's head. 


We are all so absolutely in love with this sweet little boy.

mama and thomas


Benson is the world's BEST big brother!  He wants to hold him and kiss him and love on him all the time.  It's so fun to see my sweet Benson whom I love so much, love on my sweet Thomas whom I love so much.  The love's just multiplied!! 


The moment he's been waiting for is finally here!


My three boys!!!

daddy and his boys

Benson is so intrigued by everything Thomas does... the fact that his baby brother gets the hiccups, sneezes, smiles and even (one time) tee-tee'd on him! has been a never ending source of discovery and amazement.



Thomas gave Benson a couple of pirate presents whenever he arrived.
Benson was TOTALLY in AWE of the fact that Thomas knew he liked pirates.
He decided that Thomas must have heard him talking about them while he was still in mama's belly :)


Thomas Henry Ryan holding Thomas Hunter Ryan...




Benson was flipping his finger on his lips trying to entertain Thomas... 


Even though he was bigger than Benson when he was born (Benson was 6lbs 6oz),
Thomas still seems so tiny!





We are in awe of God's creation.

Thomas Hunter Ryan was perfectly knit together in his mama's womb.
The Lord formed his inward parts and we Praise Him,
for Thomas is fearfully and wonderfully made.

Wonderful are the works of the Lord,
we know it very well.

Thomas's frame was not hidden from the Lord,
when he was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth.

In God's book were written, every one of them,
the days that were formed for Thomas,
when as yet there was none of them.

(Psalm 139:13-16 paraphrased)

Welcome to the world, baby Thomas!  We're so happy you're here!!!

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  1. happy mother's day to you! what a beautiful baby boy...and so cute how excited benson seems. and how did you look so great right after delivering a baby?! congrats!!!