Monday, February 14, 2011

the view

Benjamin's been carrying the load all by himself these past couple of weeks.  And he's been such a champ. Some girls might get breakfast in bed on valentines day, I've gotten BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER in bed for a week and a half!! Ha!  And always service with a smile :)  Chick-fil-a would definitely hire him, because he always has a "my pleasure" kind of attitude. And sometimes he even says it to make me laugh :)

One of the things he's had to do that isn't in his normal "job description" is grocery shop.  These pictures were taken as he and Benson suited up to go to Walmart.  They decided to wear their matching cowboy boots.  Daddy can find a way to make everything fun :)


My heart.  In a picture:



cutie with the hat

I might not have a ton of scenery changes these days, but I don't mind... I'm lovin' the view :)

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