Wednesday, February 16, 2011

bracing for the SLAM

As I've already mentioned, we love reading our "Jesus Storybook Bible" before bedtime each night.
Benson loves it so much, he'll often look at the clock, no matter what the time, and say,
"Whew! Daddy, it's LATE!  I think it's time to read Bible Stories!"

Benjamin makes a game out of everything.  I've never seen anything like it.  He can take something that's so ordinary and everyday and make it into what Benson thinks is the COOLEST GAME EVER.
They have so much fun together.  B puts my creativity to shame when it comes to making up a game.
Again, my boys have the coolest daddy ever.  :)

When we read the story of Noah, we talked about how, after Noah built the ark and two of every animal climbed aboard, GOD closed the door. 
Every night, after our Bible story, Benjamin will flip back to the story of Noah, talk about the high points and then say, "And God SLAMMED THAT DOOR SHUT!" And slams the book.
And, you guessed it, Benson thinks it's the COOLEST THING EVER!

"There's a story back here I want to show you..."

the story

"I know which one it is, Daddy..."

knows its coming

Bracing for the SLAM...

the face

He tries to back so far up away from the impending SLAM, it cracks me up! :)




And Benson has the funnest daddy ever :)

loves his daddy

These two provide such endless entertainment.  :)


  1. that is too adorable! these father-son posts are SO precious and priceless for sure, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Benson's "bracing for the SLAM" is just hysterical! :) So funny.

  3. Clint and I just read this together - I knew he would love it, what a fun "daddy" story!! :-)