Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playdate with Anna Cate!

We met up with Mary Catherine, Anna Cate, and little baby Caroline at the park yesterday and had a delightful time. It's so wonderful getting to set foot outside of our home before six o'clock in the evening without MELTing! We are enjoying the "cooler" days so much!
On the "big kid" swings-- oh yeah, They're big time!

Exploring by the creek

Hugs :) (Is it the camera angle or is Benson's head really two times the size of Anna Cates? :) )

This boy loves him some Park!

And what's a day at the park without some ice cream?!


  1. oh my gosh! i want him!!! baby benson is SO freaking adorable! yall made one BEAUTIFUL boy! he's precious! jonathan talks about him all the time! :) hope to see yall at a clemson game soon!! :)

  2. Hey Taylor! Great to hear from you! He's the biggest blessing EVER, that's for sure! Hope to see you at Clemson too-- if there's ever a game without torrential downpours that we can actually bring the little guy to!! Hope you're enjoying this first year in the upstate... I miss it like crazy-- It's so pretty up there! Ask somebody how to get to the Chatooga River-- it's a little ways away (and I wouldn't go all by myself if I were you) but it was one of my favorite places to go hang out on a pretty day in the upstate! Thanks, for saying hey, girl! Have a great week!!!