Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Clemson 2009 Football Kickoff!!

Before church the Sunday after Clemson
I haven't seen the whole world, I admit that, but Clemson HAS to be one of the most beautiful places in it!!! We took Benson to the first Clemson game this past Saturday and we were a little hesitant about how he would do since he's older... and more mobile.. now. From the moment he set foot at the tail gate until the moment we left, he had an absolute BALL and did better than we ever dreamed he would! What a fun time we had!!

Tillman Hall... So picturesque!

The Tailgate

Tractors and football? Can it get any better?!

Ever wondered what potty training at a tailgate looks like?

Mission accomplished.

Benson loves his uncles! Jonathan looks scarily similar to Benjamin in high school here... I need to find a picture to show for comparison purposes.

I love this pic-- although Jo does look a little upset not to be included in it..

Scopin' out the new players....

Ash and Bec both contest that Benson looks like a girl in this pic-- but I don't care-- i still love it :)

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  1. Those are some great pictures:) I love the black & white ones. You'll be proud of my little Riley Anne, she has decided to become a Clemson fan. I guess we have a house devided now:) I am hoping to post pictures soon.