Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ryan Family Mountains Trip

We had a great time in Maggie Valley this past week for our annual Ryan family mountains trip! Usually we go during the fourth, but due to scheduling conflicts, we had to push it back... we missed the awesome fireworks, but still enjoyed our time together so much!
Benson's first trip to Ghost Town was a HIT!

Here's our little cowboy in all his splendor!

This is Benson showing off his smile... we've been working on it... "show me your teeth and open your eyes.." because "cheese" wasn't really cutting it for me!

The children were having a good time, I promise..

I like this picture because I just so happened to catch Mr. Tom and Mrs. Lula kissing in the background :)

Riding the chairlift was the HIGHLIGHT of the trip! For the children that is... us adults were a nervous wreck!

Look at the view! (look at those ears! :) )

This doesn't look like we have to be that brave, but this thing swings out over the edge of the mountain! It took GUTS to get on it! At least that's what we told ourselves! :)

Now THIS thing took some REAL guts!

We could actually see our house from ghost town!

Us and some random lady in purple drinking a pepsi. idk...

Here's the can-can girl suggesting that Benjamin looks like her lost love :)

indoor picnic...

sweet cousins

Brittany and Jeremy reading the babies a bedtime story... I mean, how cute is this?!

cutie patootie hannah banana

Mrs. Lula's cousins and all of their family were there on their family vacation and stopped by for a visit! Their crew is even bigger than ours if you can imagine that!

This is sweet little abby with addie grace. Abby was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 23 months and is now 5 years old and continuing to battle cancer. Her care page is abbysmith12 if you'd like to see more of her story and read updates about this sweet family and how the Lord is using them mightily even during such a tough time!

Here's a random pre-mountain pic of Benson with the GALLON of blueberries we picked to take to the mountains. G-G took us to pick berries and I think Benson ATE as many as we PICKED!

Feeding the fish... (or addie grace, depending on how you look at it...)

This could be my favorite pic of the week. What sweet little sisters... :)

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