Friday, July 17, 2009

Gallaudet University

As we were leaving Washington, it dawned on me that D.C. is home to Gallaudet Univeristy, named for the founder of the first Deaf school in America. It's a world renowned college for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people as well as a huge resource for interpreter training programs.
The rest of our crew humoured me, and we typed it in the ole GPS and navigated ourselves to the University-- and I must say-- it might have been the HIGHLIGHT of the trip for me!!
There are probably only two or three people who may read this who can appreciate the coolness of getting to visit Gallaudet (I'm guessing Stephabulous, Cara and Joy-- if they get a chance to read it :) )
We only did a brief stop, but I soaked up every minute! I just wish I'd have been able to spend a little more time there! I DID get to ask someone (in sign, of course) where the bookstore was as well as another person where the Restroom was-- big whoop, i know! I would have loved to sit in the little food court area and chatted all day! Maybe next time we go to DC, we can build that into the itinerary! WHAT a cool experience to be a GALLAUDET!!!

Are you Kidding me?! BENSON HALL! Now THAT is a neat serendipity!

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