Friday, December 5, 2008

Basketball Season Begins...

Get ready for lots of Blue and Gold pics on the blog... Basketball season has begun!
We had a great time at the first ball game of the year. Becca and Jonathan are both on JV this year, so we get to go for the girls and stay for the boys- and they normally play twice a week (as opposed to last year where we had to go to games 4 days a week to see them both play!)

Ah- Bay-Kah


Three generations of basketball players...

I just thought this was hilarious... They played at Spring Valley High School and they are the "Vikings" so they have this giant Viking Chick on the gym wall.. I would love to know what Mr. Tom was telling Benson about this interesting depiction of a Viking..

Walking around the court... (and around.. and around.. and around...)

Go Wildcats!!

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