Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A day at Grandaddy and Grandmama's

Ok- so while it's on my mind.... I have a question for the blog-o-sphere... please leave a comment with your answer if you don't mind...

"how do YOU spell GRAND Daddy?"
is it Grandaddy or Granddaddy
Google says you can do it either way- But I'm just curious how most normal people spell it? Can you help me out?

We enjoyed an afternoon at Grandmama and Grandaddy's house playing in the yard. Benson gets about as excited as he does at the fair when we pull up into their yard... There's just so much to do there and he runs from one thing to the next... He's just non-stop!

Hoopin it up with the big boys...

Playing ping-pong with the uncles...Jeremy (Uncle J) is the one closest in this pic and "Uncle JO" is in the back. Benson's got "JO" down pat.. he constantly talks about "JO" ... and we're working on "Uncle".. and he can say it (it's more of a "UNC" than and "unc-le") but he can't quite but the two words together yet... he's still really cute trying though!

??? not sure what was going on here...

Blocking Grandaddy's shot

The way the light is in this picture, I think that Benjamin and Benson look as if they are watching Jesus' return and descention from the clouds (even though they were just watching the basketball go through the hoop)

Benson went walking across the yard and walked into the flower bed that has leaves for mulch. He just stopped dead in his tracks and refused to take another step. And he wouldn't go backward. I have no idea why it completely took him off guard, but I had to go pick him up out of the leaves! It's funny the things that bother him?!

Now THIS is the highlight... Riding the "Trac-Trac" (tractor) with Grandaddy... he could do this all day long...

Time to get off...

"I don't think so daddy..."

"Bye Daddy.. I'm gonna stay with Grandaddy on the trac-trac"

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  1. We do Grandaddy... seems like too many d's to me or something!! :)