Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Apple Butter!

Some of our dear friends, Mr. Reeves and Ms. Hilda, brought us a whole bushel of apples! They brought 1/2 bushel of Granny Smith and 1/2 bushel of Gala! We've been exploring all sorts of new apple recipes with our plethora of apples! This week, Benson and I took a very rainy friday and made it into a cooking day! We baked a zillion muffins and cooked some yummy Apple Butter! It had to cook for 7 hours! The whole time, Benson would hold up his hand toward the stove, blow like he was blowing out a candle and say "hot."

He loves sitting on the counter when I'm cooking...

He liked mashing the apples through the colander! A really big spoon, some mush, a bowl with holes in it.. I mean really, how much more fun can life get?

He found Benjamin's hat and was walking around the kitchen with it on... silly little thing...

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