Thursday, October 27, 2011

Independence Day in October

When I took these pictures, I told Becca it would be September before I got around to posting them. 
I was wrong...  Next week's Halloween.  Crazy!  Life with two muchkins is kinda busy... but I will say, now that we're all sleeping at night, there's hope for the blog!  Among other things :)
Here's a lil flashback to July 4. 

Me-Miss came with us out on Nana and Papa's boat to watch the fireworks on Lake Murray!



This is Benson "not smiling"

trying not to smile

Which, without fail, makes him smile :)


The boys love their Nana and Papa!

nana and papa with the boys


bec and tha boyz

It's kinda neat that even though my sisters only have sisters, that through Benjamin, they have gotten to experience life with an "older brother"...

bec and b3

All the joys of it :)...


I love these girls!!!


I love enthusiasm.  I mean, if you're gonna go, go all out!


Nana, with Benson, Thomas and Peaches.  There's a lot of love here :)  And some storytelling to which Benson is LOCKED IN!


I love this time in life!  Sleepless nights and all... it's such a blessing and gift!!

july 4 2011 fam pic

Sweet baby Tom Tom.  That's what we call him.... "Tom Tom."  :) 

smiley tom tom

Becca is like, Super Aunt.  She stayed with us when Thomas was just a few weeks old and they totally bonded... now, she has this special way with him.  When he's fussy, she can calm him.  And when he has a dirty diaper, she's on it.  She's pretty much my right hand girl.

bec and t

The Thomster... "That's also what was call him, "the Thomster"..." 
Also, "lil' chicken", "doodle-bop", "doodle", "Punkin'", "Punkin' Lunkin'", "Suga" as well as various combinations of those...
"Hey lil' doodle bop chicken!" for instance. 
He has a few nicknames :) 

july 4 baby tom

Hunter and Benson!  Cutie Patooties :)


And after the fireworks were over, it was lights out!



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  1. so cute! love all the pictures! both of your boys are too adorable!