Friday, December 3, 2010

The South Carolina State Fair 2010

This was by far the best fair year ever!!  Hands down,  The Best. 

Benson's at the age where he can actually grasp what was going on and he was like a kid at the... well... fair!   

There is simply nothing like a fair corn dog.  And Fiske Fries. And Netterfields lemonade. I look forward to this meal all year!!


Corndog Deliciousness...

corndogs ROCK

fam pic corndogs

serious corndog eating

This was a monumental fair year for us.
Benson's 39 inches tall,
which means he is more than 36 inches tall,
which is the minimum height to ride rides,
which meant that he got to RIDE THE RIDES for the FIRST TIME!!!

We got our money's worth out of the all you can ride bracelet!

This is his first go-round on the roller coaster...

first roller coaster

Who's having more fun??

so much fun

The bumper cars totally rocked his world...

bumper cars

Aunt Bec took him up to the tippity top of the ginoromous slide...

ride with aunt becca copy

and he came down it all by himself...

down the slide

Lash braved the whirling tugboat so bravely, so beautifully....

lash on the ride

He had the motorcycle dude 'tude down pat!

motorcycle dude

riding the motorcycle

We ended up running into the McMurray's which was SUCH a blessing because Benson had a riding buddy in Bryson. 
They were so cute together, running from ride to ride....

bryson and benson collage

ice cream

fam pic

And then... it was time to go... which resulted in his devastation face.

time to go

Bye, bye South Carolina State Fair!  We'll see ya next year!!!

with the aunts


  1. the pictures of benson and your husband on the rollercoaster are priceless!!!! love your blog :)

  2. That first picture of Benson made me laugh, so cute! He sure was happy about that corndog! I am pretty sure when I get to go to a fair again I will have that EXACT same look on my face!! (for the food of course)