Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Austria Day Six { Hofburg Palace }

outside hoffburg

We had our gala on our last night in Austria.   It was held at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, the original "winter home" of rulers of the Austro-Hungarian empire.  It is currently the official residence of the President of Austria.

We dined, danced, and delighted in incredible entertainment in this beautiful palace, all night long.  it was the most surreal experience.  We truly felt like royalty.  I can't even tell you how blessed we felt each minute of this night.

(A picture of the palace from day three )

hoffburg palace at night

hoffburg at night

They rolled out the red carpet for us...

jess and b steps

They welcomed us with appetizer's and cocktails in this breathtaking room.

welcome 2jpg

We were then escorted to the ball room where we were served the most delectable feast!
And on one side of our menu, the royal crest, the other side, the farm bureau logo.  :)

dinner table

If I were to have a last meal request, it would include this crab cake and avocado mousse.
Without a doubt.

best crab cake on the planet

The entertainment for the night included the Vienna Mozart Boys choir:

vienna boys mozart choir


ballet 2



And of course dancing :)

walzing in hoffburg palace

And lots of laughter:

jess and b crackin up

And a hot date :)

jess and b close up

We had a ball at the ball!

bye bye hoffburg

And that concludes our Austria trip!  What a wonderful memory.  Now that I've blogged about it, hopefully we'll be able to remember all of the awesome details we were able to experience.
What a blessing!!!


  1. Wow, that looked awesome!! And I have to say, I love you dress:)

  2. You look gorgeous :) So glad you had a great trip!

  3. aw thanks, girls :) it was so much fun :) :) :)

  4. Your pictures are amazing and you look STUNNING! I love that dress, it is beautiful!

    Benjamin looks handsome too! I love the picture of him with his arms wide open!

  5. Does Farm Bureau have any openings? What an AMAZING trip!!!
    Rachel C