Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Lexington Monkey Joes is Open!!!!

I've expressed before, my great love for a children's play-place called Monkey Joes... Well, folks, they must have read my mind (or the blog) and they've opened a Monkey Joes in Lexington. I have been TOTALLY pumped about this place opening since I found out about it like six months ago... It's not just any ole play place...
  1. it's clean. They wipe down the jump castles everyday and also have the swisher people come in to sanitize once a week. Seeing how we have to be careful of germs- that's quite appealing to me.
  2. it's safe. Everything's inflatable! Even if Benson completely BUSTS it, he just laughs. No tears. I'm a big fan of that!
  3. it's reasonably priced. For children under 3, it's $5.50 to jump as long as you want, but on WEDNESDAY's it's HALF PRICE DAY!!! That means we can go and play as long as we want for a whopping $2.75! And THAT makes me happy! Plus parents don't pay-- just the kids-- so we can bring along as many aunts, uncles, grandparents as we like FO FREE!
  4. Benson LOVES it. He just runs from thing to thing laughing the whole time- And I don't have to worry about him- plus parents get to "assist" children under 4, so I get to go down the humoungo slide. I'm not sure who likes it more, me or Benson :)
So, through divine providence of me running into the owner of Monkey Joes at that consignment sale that Kell and I did, I got the inside scoop that the first 100 people through the door on the opening day of March 28 at 10:00 a.m. got prizes. Well, don't you know I put that in big letters on the calendar. I considered camping out to ensure that we got one of the good prizes, but Benjamin suggested that might be excessive. I had planned on arriving at like 8:00 that morning, but due to my terrible sense of direction, I got lost going to a yard sale that morning and we didn't get there until 9:40!! Gasp! I darted out of the car and into line. And what number were we? Second :) Second in line. :) Glad I didn't camp out. :) Turns out only a few people were as "informed" as I was about getting the goods. But anyway, we got a $70 "free jump" card that will get us in for free a lot of times. Not to mention Kelli won the Monkey Joes Birthday Party I made her register for at the consignment sale and WON IT!! And was kind enough to give it to me :) SOOOO... we can jump a lot for free and we've got a free birthday party all planned out... can you tell that WE LOVE MONKEY JOES?!!!

We saw the twins Kelli used to Nanny for at the grand opening! They are growing up so fast!!!

Stephabulous met us there with some of her friends little children.

Benson was fascinated and fixated upon the balloons that were stuck in the rafters. He kept stopping, looking up, holding his hands up and saying, "happened?"
He cracks me up all the time. I love being his mama!

And here's the place in living color!

Woo Hoo for the humongous slide!!

Annaclare was showing Benson how it's done...

Benson's got it down pat... what's funny is that Benjamin just about busts his bottom!

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  1. sounds like fun! We'll have to check it out! You should get commission for all of the free advertising you do for businesses in Lexington. We are big fans of the Fusion Bowl now thanks to your blog! :)