Sunday, March 8, 2009


Lately, we've been sick. Lately as in, the last like four weeks. Benson started out coughing and had a runny nose- we gave that about a week, until he developed a fever of 102.5 telling us that this cold wasn't going away on it's own... A fever of 102 or higher is usually a good indicator of an ear infection
-- which, by the way--
why don't they sell those little ear peeker inner things that the doctors use at the drug store? I mean, we have a thermometer to check his temp and a stethoscope to listen to his lungs. I think if we had the little ear peeker inner thingy, then we'd be able to look and see for ourselves whether or not his ears were "pink" and could save a trip to the doc! I think maybe the doctors have a secret coalition to keep these things out of the stores because it just might put them out of a job! Well, not completely, because come to find out-- they were indeed "pink" so we got a 10 day fill of amoxicillan.
On day 11 and a half, Benson was still hacking up a lung with a runny nose and a low grade fever. We went back to the doc only to find out the ear infection had now traveled to the OTHER ear as well. Lovely. So... all that to say, we've had lots of sleepless night around here the past few weeks, but the stronger antibiotic they put him on coupled with some steroids to help his lungs kick this cough seem to be working and I think we just might be getting over this thing! Spring can't get here soon enough as far as we're concerned!

Now for the fun stuff...
Here's a sweet little pic of Benson and Papa. Reading a magazine together.

And this is Benson "smiling" for the picture.

And here's Aunt Becca reading to Benson. They really were both having fun, I promise, even though Becca looks like a Rock Star and Benson looks like he just stumped his toe.

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  1. I have an otoscope! a mini one...I can't believe you haven't been able to find one! I love looking in ears...isn't that weird? Josh would love you forever if you took mine from me :) I'll be on the look out for you one. It is a handy gadget!