Thursday, May 15, 2008

May is zooming by like Benson in a pack-n-play...

We've had a great May so far! Thanks to everyone who signed up for Revolution Money Exchange by clicking our button! We ended up making $150! Free Money! Woo Hoo!

Sorry the posts have been slow in coming lately... we've been busy around here!
Here's some snippets and snapshots from this month so far... (remember, you can always click on a picture to see it bigger...)

Benson has gotten his crawl down pat... he's like a little bolt of lightening shooting around the house...

Benson has learned how to do this really cool thing where he clicks his tongue really loud. We have no idea how he figured it out, but it's pretty funny to listen to him do it...

Benjamin comes up with the craziest stuff to do with Benson and Benson just LOVES it!! Yesterday we were grilling on the back porch, so Benjamin had Benson with him in his little pack-n-play. I was inside cooking and I looked out and couldn't see them, so I went outside to find them playing this new "game" that Benson thought was just the greatest thing ever...

We had everybody over for lunch to celebrate mothers day! Here are the four generations...

My first mothers day was great! Benjamin brought me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers! So sweet!

Benson and his great grannie!

Mothers day lunch (that's Ash in the back, not me:) I was taking the pic)

Pretty gals...

Ash giving kisses for Aunt B! (Becca busted her top and bottom lips in her basketball tournament this past weekend. Poor little thing...)

Granny, Ash and Mama... look at those smiles!

They put Benson's picture on the wall in the Picture People place in the mall!

Brooker T came to visit!!

Scrub-a-dub-dub Benson's in the tub!

With daddy in the yard...

Hi dad!

We had a great time celebrating Hannah's first birthday...Here's the whole birthday party! Benjamin had to deliver flowers since it was the day before mothers day. He was missed!

Everybody helped open the presents!


Mama and baby girl (with baby girl number two in the belly! Wouldn't it be nice to look like this when you're nine months pregnant?!)

The birthday girl in all her adorableness

Hannah in her birthday chair.

We went to Hite Street to visit everybody! This is Benson's Great, GREAT Aunt Bonnie!

We got to see our GREAT Papa!

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